In every industry that we operate, BOS Solutions strives to be a leader. We recognize the challenges and costs associated with waste management and disposal in soil stabilization projects and the construction industry. These types of projects have the potential to generate large volumes of liquid or waste slurry, which requires costly transportation and disposal methods. Through our flexible and scalable approach, we focus on providing environmentally friendly solutions for waste management that can reduce costs associated with waste transportation and disposal. BOS has partnered with clients in the construction industry on various large scale building and tunneling projects. We understand that each project has unique challenges; that is why we tailor our environmental services and waste management solutions specifically to your needs. Our approach and equipment has greatly reduced or eliminated expenses associated with waste disposal on construction sites across North America.

BOS Solutions has built a reliable reputation on our highly-trained employees and our advancement in waste slurry separation technology. This includes our patented dewatering system. Our technicians utilize the BOS equipment to separate a waste slurry into dry, stackable solids and clean water.  The solids are classified as a solid waste and can be disposed of onsite or hauled away in a standard end dump truck. The water is typically reused in operations but it can be disposed of onsite or in a drainage system to reduce the environmental impact.

BOS provides more than just the dewatering system. With flexible equipment and operational expertise, BOS is the industry leader for onsite waste reduction and construction fluid management. We will work with our clients to reduce or eliminate disposal requirements and cost. Our team has the experience and equipment necessary to provide a solution to any difficult waste and construction fluid problem. 

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