Combination Drilling FluidsA distinct advantage of the BOS tank system and the BOS approach to liquid and solid waste mitigation is the flexibility of the BOS tank systems. BOS system are utilized on wells when air/mist drilling, water based fluids and oil based fluids are used to ... READ MORE
Air & Mist
Drilling Fluids
When drilling with air and mist, water is often introduced into the flow line stream as a dust suppression method. In some circumstances ground water enters the wellbore, flowing up with the air/mist wetting the cuttings. In other circumstances it is advantageous ... READ MORE
Oil Based Drilling FluidsBOS Solutions has developed a unique process to recover oil based mud from drill cuttings. The output, when operating effectively, can reduce residual oil on cuttings to below 9 by mass%, in many cases 5 by mass% is achievable. The drying and recovery... READ MORE
Water Based Drilling FluidsThe BOS tank is ideally suited to manage water drilling; dewatering and floc drilling, with its patented multi chamber and flow pattern. Utilizing an integrated polymer blending, agitating and metered injection system. ... READ MORE